Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips Advice

Giving advice on design projects helps Clients to understand the process of undertaking an interior design project. You can also use this to how you go about planning projects with your clients by giving some interior design tips.    

·         Write about the number one question you get asked all the time.     

·         When is the best time to plan an interior design project.

·         How to live through your renovation. 

·         How interior designers can add value to your renovation. 

·         Write about a design dilemma and how to solve it 

·         Write about how to define a budget for your interior design project. 

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Interior Design Tips |
Interior Design Tips |

Practical Advice on making the right choices

Showcase your expertise and help guide homeowners effectively through the maze of choices they’ll have to go through in planning an interior design project

·         What to look for when choosing kitchen appliances.

·         What to look for when choosing flooring for different rooms.

·         What to look for when choosing bathroom suites.

·         Choosing curtains and blinds for different rooms.

Style Advice

Style up an area in your home or studio and give advice on how your client can do the same. Talk about the products, color schemes and recommend stores where you like to source things from. Here are some ideas to consider

·         Style up a shelf.

·         Style a dining table ready for entertaining.

·         Style a garden seating area ready for a barbecue with friends.

·         Style up a bed with cushions and throws.

·         Style a sideboard with pictures, plants, accessories and lighting.


Trends come and go and tend to follow the seasons so there’s always something new to write about. You don’t always have to agree with the latest trends, so if you don’t like a particular trend that everyone else is raving about, write about why not and offer a better alternative.

·         Color trends – What’s hot and what’s not.

·         Trends in furniture – shapes, fabrics, materials.

·         Trends in home automation and smart technology.

·         Vintage trends – the latest blast from the past reappearing in our homes.

·         Lighting trends – shapes, sizes, materials and what’s new.

Seasonal Advice

 Create content to keep Client ahead of seasonal changes around their home.

·         Spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather.

·         Get your garden ready for summer entertaining.

·         Festival decorating ideas.

·         Festival gifting for interior design lovers.