The environment around us affects our mood, productivity, energy levels and attitude. Creating a beautiful space to call home is not just about impressing your guests and surrounding yourself with pretty items. It is about creating a space where you feel relaxed, comfortable, organized and at peace. A professional interior designer can truly improve your quality of life. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the positive changes design has brought to our clients. We hear all the time that our clients feel relaxed, peaceful, happy and harmonious in their new space. We’ve also seen design lead to other positive changes such as career opportunities. Sound to good to be true? Consider these five ways an interior designer can improve your quality of life. (olioboard designs)

Olioboard interior Design |
Olioboard interior Design |

1.  Creating a relaxing environment

From paint colors to lighting, interior designers are experts in choosing items that promote comfort and relaxation. Families and busy professionals need a space where they can unwind, but many people aren’t sure how to go about creating a restful and harmonious space. We consider everything from how the placement of furniture to the colors impact your space. A relaxing environment must be balanced, comfortable and properly proportioned. (olioboard designs)

2.  Improving organization

Designers do far more than create a beautiful space. We can also bring organization and order to your home. From creative storage solutions like custom built-ins to custom closet design, we can create a space where there is a place for everything. Having a home that is neat and well organized not only makes your home more comfortable and inviting; it also works as a stress reducer. We take the time to listen to your needs and priorities when it comes to storage and organization, then offer creative solutions for streamlining your life. (olioboard designs)

3.  Making the space functional

Designers also give considerable thought to creating a space that is healthy and safe. From eco-friendly appliances and sustainable materials to furniture that meets fire safety code requirements, designers are concerned with your well being, aesthetics. We consider health and safety throughout the design process, from beginning to end. Designers can also create a space with aging in mind, incorporating features such as wider doors, curb less showers and grab bars. Your home will be safer and more comfortable in the golden years. (olioboard designs)

5.  Creating a space for everyone

Designers create spaces that promote family time and togetherness, but they can also create individual spaces suited to each member of the family, whether it’s a play area for the kids or a reading nook for mom and dad. Some of our clients have also asked us to design special spaces for their pets, including dog washing stations and garages with heated floors. When each member of the home has personal space that is suited to them, everyone feels more comfortable. A home should never be designed around the needs and tastes of just one family member. It should appeal to everyone. (olioboard designs)